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Here you can enjoy the beauty and diversity of the local environment: from the marvellous heathlands and forests with unique plant species; coastal, marine and riverine life; the diverse bird, insect and fungi varieties. See how artists have depicted the wonderful natural world around them.


Enjoy the remarkable photography of Angair members illustrating the interdependency of living things.

Drawn to Nature

View selected works of these two ANGAIR members whose artistic talents have made such a valuable contribution to the work of the organisation over so many years.

Orchid Journey

Margaret McDonald shares her knowledge and addictive passion for terrestrial orchids in this four-part video Orchid Journey series.

Walking beside the Anglesea River

Join Angair member Peter Forster as he shares his knowledge and wonder at the diversity of birdlife around the Anglesea River.

Point Addis Marine National Park

See the amazing underwater sealife found in the waters off our coast in the Point Addis Marine National Park

The Little Birds of Anglesea and Aireys Inlet

Wonder at the small birds in our area and the photographic skills of two of ANGAIR’s talented members.

Wildflower Ramble in the Heath with Peter Crowcroft

Take an early Spring walk in the Heath with Peter Crowcroft.

Beachcombing at Urquhart Bluff

Peter Crowcroft Education Leader, Great Ocean Road Coastal Committee, shares his discoveries in seaweed drift.

Spiders of the Anglesea Heathlands

John Lenagan introduces some of the spider species found in the Anglesea heathlands

Wind On The Heath (1995)

A film produced by ANGAIR to raise awareness of the special natural values of the heathlands surrounding Anglesea and Aireys Inlet.

Seeing Nature Through the Lens of Rebecca Hosking

Rebecca is a local visual artist and environmentalist who aims to inspire others by creating engaging visual content with a cutting edge and philosophical nature.

Freshwater Fish in the Surf Coast rivers

John Lenagan introduces some of the freshwater fish that can be found in the Anglesea and Aireys Inlet Rivers.

Frogs and Reptiles in and around the rivers and wetlands of the Surfcoast

John Lenagan introduces some of the reptiles and frogs that can be found in the rivers and wetlands of the Surfcoast

Exploring Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary

Learn about some fascinating sea life found at Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary

The Flowers of Anglesea

Margaret MacDonald presentation. Voiceover by Sandra Taylor

Friends of Eastern Otways – Camera Monitoring

Meet some of the terrestrial fauna (native and feral) that call this special place home.

Anglesea Then and Now

Wonder at the way Anglesea used to be. Photo Presentation contributed by Anglesea Historical Society.
Thanks also to Les Lyon and John Lenagan, ANGAIR.

Jane Edmanson visits the Anglesea heathland

This ABC Gardening Australia segment was first screened on 4 September 2020.