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Orchid Journey with Margaret MacDonald

In a series of four videos commissioned by Angair, local orchid expert Margaret MacDonald, OAM, shows us some of the orchid species that can be found in the Anglesea Aireys Inlet area in Spring and explains their unique characteristics. The series is filmed by local cinematographer Rebecca Hosking and the production was supported by the Surf Coast Shire and Friends of Eastern Otways.


Margaret covers how to identify orchids, how orchids grow, and the fascinating role pollination plays in the reproduction of orchid species.

The following orchid species are featured in Part one:

Hare Orchid, Leptoceras menziesii, Heart-lipped Spider Orchid, Caladenia cardiochila, Large Plumed or Unicorn Bearded Greenhood, Pterostylis unicornis, Dusky Fingers, Caladenia fuscata.


The complexity of orchid pollination continues as Margaret investigates both the visual deception displayed by several orchid species towards their pollinators and the value a nectar reward can provide for other orchid species.

Differences between similar orchid species are covered and Margaret explains her role in the discovery of the endemic Angahook Fingers.

The following orchid species are featured in Part two:

Leopard Orchid, Diuris pardina, Donkey Orchid, Diuris orientis, Rabbit Ears, Thelymitra antennifera, Small Spider Orchid, Caladenia parva, Blunt Greenhood, Pterostylis curta, Large Gnat Orchid, Cyrtostylis robusta, Gnat Orchid, Cyrtostylis reniformis, Angahook Fingers, Caladenia maritima.


Margaret introduces several orchid species which have a spectacular response to fire. Pollination techniques will continue to enthral as orchid trickery and sexual deception is revealed.

Several late flowering Spider Orchids are examined in detail before Margaret concludes with a fascinating insight into the Hare Orchid.

The following orchid species are featured in Part three:

Wax-lip Orchid, Glossodia major, Red Beaks, Pyrorchis nigricans, Mayfly Orchid, Acianthus caudatus, Plain-lipped Spider Orchid, Caladenia clavigera, Southern Spider Orchid, Caladenia australis, Large White Spider Orchid, Caladenia venusta, Hare Orchid, Leptoceras menziesii.


Concluding her Orchid Journey, Moggs Creek Ridge provides the perfect location for Margaret to educate viewers on how orchids can be protected and why this is so important.