Learn more about the local fauna and flora and the many environment-related activities happening in our community

About Orchids

Two orchid experts share their knowledge and love of native orchids

Photographing Birds with Margaret Lacey

In a series of three videos Margaret shares her approach to bird photography

Angair Mosaic

Read more about the Angair Mosaic
Great Ocean Road Coastal Trail

Planning is underway for the Great Ocean Road Coastal Trail from Fairhaven to Skenes Creek.

Anglesea Grevillea Fire Response Survey

ANGAIR members and the Friends of Eastern Otways assist DEWLP in assessing the effect of fire on the endemic Grevillea infecunda.

Download Fact Sheet

Creating Gardens for our Local Plants and Birds

ANGAIR members Wendy and Gail offer suggestions for introducing local plants to your garden.

Bird Life Australia’s Shore Nesting Project

Find out about BirdLife Australia’s volunteer activities which
support shore-nesting birds along our coast.
Photographer: Glenn Ehmke

Friends of the Eastern Otways

Great Otway National Park

Wild Kidz Vidz

13 fun videos for children
Collecting and Mapping Biodiversity Information

Learn about two new tools for Collecting and Mapping Biodiversity Information
made available by DELWP

Habitats for Nature: supporting those essential symbiotic relationships

John Lenagan discusses how to create habitats to support a wide diversity of little animals

Angair Member Publications

Angair has two new look-publications available to members.

Complimentary to view for the Nature Show – Look now. Why not become a member and receive them regularly

EstuaryWatch Program

Learn about the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority’s EstuaryWatch Program.