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Seeing Nature Through the Lens of Rebecca Hosking

Rebecca Hosking is an award winning artist, who creates unique, deeply philosophical, engaging, and immersive art.
Relax and enjoy some of Rebecca’s work.


Filmed at Fairhaven, overlooking the Southern Ocean towards Lorne. “OceanCloudScape” is a short, 1 min and 30 sec, time-lapse film showing the changing weather over an afternoon.

Created in response to the lockdown to share some of the beauty of the coast and offer people some peaceful time out from any concerns.

Algae Bloom, Great Ocean Road

Two days of different Algae Bloom showing it’s stages during daylight hours.


Earth Guardian & Forest Spirit shares elements of nature and highlights the need for stewardship of our fragile planet, highlighting the importance of ecology, biodiversity, and the role of female connection, nurturing, and strength. The message and storyline of the film is conveyed visually without the borders and reliance of spoken or written language. Film mainly taken along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, it also includes elements from remote areas of natural significance in SA, WA and the Tarkine in Tasmania. This is a shorter version of the 15 min full length created for large scale Projection Art on buildings (as featured at the Geelong After Dark Arts Festival event). It features local (Moggs Creek and Forrest) environmentalist and movement artist Amanda Magan. Accompanying soundscape by Surf Coast musicians “Moonah”.

Nudibranch_Rostanga calumus

40 Secs of video showcasing the movement of the Nudibranch Rostanga calumus. Rebecca loves detail, marine life, observing the fluctuations in species and weather, and nudibranchs. Given this was the first time this species had been observed (by her or others) along this coast, Rebecca took the time to record it with her phone. Taken at Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary, Great Ocean Road, Surf Coast, Oct, 2014. (Phone quality only).


ArtFull explores the art and art mediums of the Anglesea Art House. Filmed on location, in July 2020, the iconic Anglesea Art House has been operating for 34 x years and hosts a vibrant community of local artists. The local environment is a strong source of inspiration for many of these local artists as is revealed in the content and subject of art created. ArtFull has been created in response to Covid-19, to share the essence of the Art House with others who can’t visit in person, with thanks to Regional Arts Victoria, Creative Victoria, for their support. Concept, design, cinematography and production by Rebecca Hosking with thanks to Mark Simson for the collaborative aerial cinematography.

About Rebecca

Living in Fairhaven for over 15 years Rebecca is often seen with camera-in-hand capturing and documenting observations in the Aireys Inlet and Anglesea bush, intertidal zone, and in the ocean.

Having taught environmental education and stewardship for close to 10 years on this coast, having founded her own environmental group at university, with implementing the planting of native trees and introducing recycling to the university, amongst chairing numerous committee groups, Rebecca is passionate about creating a nucleus for a sustainable future.

To compliment the “fabulous facts and data” she relishes so much Rebecca is inspired to inspire others by creating engaging visual content with a cutting edge and philosophical nature to reach a different audience with those same values, by taking the beauty and wonder of nature to the cities, knowing that interesting content engages across all walks of life.

It is these local walks and stories, albeit it of the occasion of an algae bloom, that are captured and presented behind this photograph, where you are invited to further experience the wonder of our local area through the lens.