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Friends of Eastern Otways

Otway National Park
Friends’ stand at ANGAIR Wildflower Show 2019

The Friends of Eastern Otways (Great Otway National Park) are pleased to contribute to the 2021 ANGAIR Nature Show.

In another COVID-disrupted year, the Friends have been out and about as much as restrictions have allowed.

Since the last ANGAIR Nature show, the Friends have been quite active. The range of our activities is shown in our Yearbook, the current edition of which shows what has kept us occupied from October 2020 to August 2021. You can read the Yearbook at

You can also read our Winter newsletter here, and our Spring Newsletter here.

A final link shows the results of the camera monitoring for the last few years as an annotated animation.


Finally, many members who visit the ANGAIR Wildflower show and the Friends’ stand, use the occasion to renew their membership of the Friends for next year. To help you maintain the habit, just a reminder that membership is $15 for an individual or Family and can be paid by cheque addressed to The Treasurer, Friends of Eastern Otways, PO Box 502, Aireys Inlet, Vic, 3231.

You may also pay by Direct Debit to The Friends of Eastern Otways, BSB: 633-000 Account No.: 150830826. Please ensure you identify yourself as the payee in the Reference Field.

Friends’ Website

Since last year the President Peter Crowcroft has put together our own website. You can visit, and enjoy his efforts at:

If you would like to communicate with us via email, please get in touch at: [email protected].