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Here you will learn about two new tools for Collecting and Mapping Biodiversity Information made available by DELWP

1. VBA Go

VBA Go is a new mobile recording tool for the collection of wildlife (flora and fauna) sightings which link to the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas.

In this video Rani Hunt, Natural Environment Programs Officer for Barwon South West explains what VBA Go is and how it works.

How your wildlife records on VBA Go make a difference

This video illustrates why we should be collecting records and the importance of those records for DELWP’s Victorian Biodiversity Atlas, and how these records are really important for decisions that are made around future planning.

Resources for VBA Go

Additional resources to get you going with VBA Go. Pdf Downloads

2. NatureKit

NatureKit is a new tool to map and report on Victoria’s biodiversity. It displays information on Victoria’s:

  • Flora and fauna distribution
  • Native vegetation
  • Investment prospects
  • Marine bathymetry and habitat
  • Disturbance
  • Land administration and classification

This video introduces NatureKit, the online mapping tool and how to use it.

Fact Sheet: How to NatureKit Basics

Download PDF

Printing a NatureKit Map

This tutorial shows you a few more tips and tricks to use DELWP’s NatureKit, especially showing the process for printing a map.

Fact sheet: How to create a map of your project site.

Download PDF

Visit the NatureKit portal to find out more.