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Angair Poetry Share

These are difficult times, with many constraints on our usual activities and interactions.
Perhaps one positive aspect might be our increased opportunity for reflective thought.
From this quiet introspection, maybe we can reach inside ourselves to find reserves of creativity.

This year the focus is on Protection for the wonder and beauty of the natural world

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You are invited to contribute a poem or poems to the ANGAIR Nature Show 2021 Poetry Share

  • poems should be original compositions¬†and relate to Nature
  • each poem should be no more than 200 words
  • you can submit the poem text and / or audio recording of your poem by attaching your work to the Show email address on the Entry form
  • poems (text and voice) will be shared on the ANGAIR Nature Show Website
  • you can choose to identify yourself to readers by your name or initials
  • ANGAIR reserves the right to veto publication of any poem.

This is not a competitive activity. It is included in the ANGAIR Nature Show with a view to fostering a sense of personal wellbeing, and a sense of connection to others and the natural world.

ANGAIR Nature Show 2021 Poetry Share Entry Form