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Angair Photo Share

You are invited to share your recent photos of the beautiful Surfcoast and the Otways region in our online photo gallery. Many of our family and friends in lockdown really appreciate the images of places and spaces they can’t get to right now.
The photos can be of flora, fauna or a naturescape (land, sea, skyscape) and should showcase the natural environment.

Submission Requirements

Photograph size

Images submitted must be in .jpg format, maximum width and height 2000 x 2000 pixels and. between 500KB – 5MB.

All photos must be submitted online using the file and size instructions. No entries will be accepted by email or post.

Contributors must include their name and email address, provide a title for the image and where it was taken.

Photos should not include recognisable images of people.

Animals and Plants:

Images of captive animals photographed in zoos, commercial game farms or that involve the harassment of wildlife or damage to the environment will not be accepted.

Plant matter should not be gathered from the natural environment or removed from gardens.

Birds (Please follows the Australian Birdlife Photographers’ Code of Ethics).

Photographs must be taken with minimal disturbance to birds. This means you must not use call playback to attract the birds and use of flash must be minimal.

We won’t accept any photos of nesting birds including chicks in the nest, adult birds at the nest, or chicks feeding.

Vegetation must not be damaged in photographing birds. It is not acceptable to remove vegetation to better frame a shot. Sometimes birds will become startled and fly off, but the deliberate flushing of birds to get a photograph is not acceptable.

Further information can be obtained from Birdlife Australia here.

All Entrants grant to ANGAIR a nonexclusive, royalty-free right to reproduce and publicly display photographs on the Gallery of the ANGAIR Nature Show 2021 website. Entrants will retain all rights to any photograph they submit.

Use this form to upload your photos